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Holiday Plants - The Gifts that Keep on Giving

We come into the beginning of the holiday season with November, the month of gratitude! As we spend time with loved ones and thank them for their time and love, we begin our journey of gift hunting. And what's a better gift than life, in the form of plants! If you've ever thought about getting plants as gifts you understand the struggle of picking the right one: a plant for the inexperienced plant person, for the plant expert, for the person that just loves pretty things. We put together a little list of some plant ideas and facts! Plants are a wonderful gift and finding the right one shouldn't be a hard thing! We are here to help! So let's dive into these 11 magical holiday plants!

Anthurium & Orchid

Anthuriums are precious little plants with very distinct colorful parts similar to flowers. The pop of red, white, or pink on these flowers give it the nickname Flamingo Flowers! Orchids are easy flowering houseplants. Perfect for that person that loves colorful, pretty things or flowers in general!

These plants require bright, indirect light and watering once a week, allow the top soil to dry out between watering. They like well-draining potting mix and humidity! 

Money Tree & Snake Plant

The Money Tree is said to bring good luck and fortune! It's known for its ease of growth and resilience. The same goes for Snake Plants! So the perfect plants for a new plant person! Especially if the person is a pet owner as these guys are pet friendly!

ficus tineke

Agloenema & Tineke Ficus

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) and Tineke Ficus (Rubber Plant) are beautiful, easy to care for houseplants. Their color variations add personality to any household! These are great plants for new plant parents who don't have pets as these are toxic to dogs and cats.

The lighter the variegation on Aglaonema, the more light it needs. Ficus love for their pot to be rotated every few weeks so all leaves will get light. This goes for all Ficus plants : Fiddle leaf, Audrey, Rubber, etc. 

dragon tree

Dragon Tree

Dragon Trees are nearly indestructible plants making them another great pick for new plant owners. Unfortunately, these are also toxic to pets so be mindful! 



A plant for the expert plant person with pets! Triostars require specific growing conditions to thrive. They need bright, indirect light and a very humid environment. They need to be rotated every week so all the leaves will get light. When watering use distilled water, not tap! Misting recommended.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera & Resurrection Plant

Two plants perfect for someone who uses natural remedies at home! The gel of aloe vera plants helps relieve pain, scaring and be used as skin care. The leaves of the resurrection plant can be used to create a medicinal tea to help treat colds and respiratory ailments!

christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus

A blooming cactus! These cacti have flowers that bloom in fall and winter. Unlike other cacti, these guys require regular watering once a week, sometimes more! And love humidity. Keep them in partial shade or bright, indirect light and they will flower beautifully! 


A majority of the plants mentioned above can be found in our store or on our online shop! If you're still uncertain of what to purchase definitely come on down to the shop and have a look around. We have tons of beautiful options available and we're open 7 days a week! If nothing catches your eye, or you'd rather eliminate the guessing game, an eGift card is always a great option!


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