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We’ve all caught eye of the gorgeous monstera leaves on instagram and/or had our heart set on bringing home a luscious fiddle leaf fig tree but should we (or shouldn’t we) pull the trigger on some of these lusciously vibrant indoor plants? Is it worth all the fuss? Yes and no for reasons you might not realize and we're here to help you learn. 

Have you ever noticed how making a trip to the nursery for one plant seems like an impossible task? I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times I’ve successfully made a trip to a plant shop or nursery and come back with one plant. 

There’s a reason. Whether you’re a plant geek or not, the human body will instinctively resonate with plants and “green” environments in an effort to reduce stress, help the mind and body relax, and function efficiently. Quite a bit of research has been conducted and conclusively shows that interior landscaping has a substantial effect on our well being; making us happier, healthier and more productive. Did you know that simply living among plants or having them in your work space will boost your attention span and help you focus? Without effort, the body will naturally gravitate to plants to help it re-calibrate and stimulate the body in a positive way. Not to mention eating plants — there are so many documented fruits, veggies, and herbs that can help boost brain function, prevent dementia, increase memory and so forth.

An urban jungle makes for cleaner air so deep breaths! breathe in, breathe out
On the subject of stress and relaxation. Deep breathing is one of the best (and free) ways to lower and reduce stress, and guess what? We wouldn’t be able to do that without the help of our little green friends. The Peace Lily, Ficus, Spider Plant, Snake Plant and Boston Fern (to name a few) are all affordable interior plants that can be found at Dirt Bag. These air purifiers remove traces of ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and other toxins from the air. NASA tested a few of these more common house plants and found that the Spider Plant was able to remove 95% of toxins found in the air within a 24 hour period — whoa. So if you’re someone who suffers from asthma, or has trouble breathing — or simply wants cleaner interior air — consider picking up one or two (because two plants are always better than one) of these indoor pollution fighters.
TIP : If you want to do it by the book — consider keeping one plant per 100 square feet of your interior space. Not all plants are created equal and some are definitely more high maintenance than others. Hence the workshops and our interest in lending a guiding hand.
Dirt Bag workshops and classes are hosted monthly. We encourage you to take a class or two to be better prepared for plant parenthood and always remember to leverage the shopkeepers for advice and recommendations. 
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