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Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 'First Diamond'

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Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 'First Diamond'

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  • Aglaonema Chinese Evergreen 'First Diamond' Plants have white speckled leaves with green edges. The bright foliage matches virtually any décor and lightens any kitchen, living room, bathroom, or bedroom. The Aglaonema White Dalmatian Plants are an attractive indoor plant that requires little maintenance.

    Aglaonema prefers to be kept moist during the spring and summer, but make sure the soil isn't soggy. Moderation is key! Do not allow the lower soil to remain wet as this may cause root rot. In the winter, water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry out between watering.

    🐾  If ingested, may cause a harmful reaction in pets.

    ☼ Medium to low-light

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