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Dirt Bag_Domino Peace Lily

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Peace Lily 'Domino Variegated'

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Peace Lily Domino is a variegated form of the common peace lily. This tough and easy to grow house plant has blotches of white all over each leaf with tall white flowers rising majestically above the foliage. More commonly known as a "peace lily", Spathiphyllum brings calming beauty to a room. It is a popular flowering houseplant with brilliant white spathe flowers. Their large, glossy leaves are emerald green. Tall blossoms develop throughout the year, as long as the plants receive enough light. It is also one of the few flowering plants that blooms reliably indoors and is often times seen displayed in decorative plant containers and plant stands. One of the most classic houseplants, the peace lily has been around for ages for good reason: It is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. The peace lily has been proven to be among the best houseplants to help improve indoor air quality. Plus, it happily blooms throughout the year.

● Grow in bright medium light, but protect from direct sunlight.

● Water your plant about once or twice a week.

● Thriving in most home and office settings with very little plant care required!

● NASA’s analysis of indoor houseplants revealed that the Peace Lily was the most efficient at removing airborne toxins.