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Dirt bag_ Monstera ‘Thai Constellation ‘
Dirt Bag_ Philodendron ‘Thai Constellation ‘
Monstera ‘Thai Constellation ‘

Dirt Bag

Monstera ‘Thai Constellation ‘

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Easy, but not easy peasy. Monstera Thai Constellation are surprisingly easy care with a few simple considerations. Unlike their all-green Monstera buddies, Thai Constellation are less tolerant of drying out, slower growing and more sensitive to light, temperature, humidity and fertilizer.
Keep in a bright spot. Make sure it is not near an air vent or too close to a window. Since these plants like to face the sun, you may want to rotate often for a full plant. If you keep your Thai Constellation outside, be sure it is in shade but still receives bright, indirect light.
They need at least 60% or higher for the best possible growth. Drier conditions will cause this lovely plant's leaves to brown, turn crispy, and drop. You should be misting your Thai Constellation about two times a week, but don't soak the plant too much.